Monday, November 30, 2009

Road Trip

When you live in the country, such as the overisel area, every time you get in the veen, it is bound to be a road trip. every destination just takes a little time to arrive. thankfully, we are perfecting the joy in the journey.

i usually pass the time by trying to use the trip as an educational opportunity, i ask provocative questions such as " wow, why is it all hazy over here?"; to which brad responds "smoke, honey".
Brad typically is in charge of the running commentary regarding local farming insights. Bear provides additional entertainment by showcasing his dance moves. Maxwell utilizes the time we are all strapped in close by to tell us stories, describe surrounding landscape, and request shows for the vhs our trusty veen is equipped with. we are currently delighted to have the addition of hunter scenarios and christmas lights to watch.

when i first started my life as a farmer's wife, i really resented having to plan for a full 30 minutes of commuting to get anywhere. now it has become clear that instead of just getting through the journey so we can get on with our objective, choosing to enjoy where we are and what we are doing in that moment brings much more satisfaction.

how true this is with my life! instead of living for the next big stage on the horizon, the fun vacation or event ahead, or just until 4 pm when brad gets home from work, it is so advantageous to see what i have here and now and love it up before the moment is gone.

ecclesiastes 3:1

there is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the sun.

may we live with purpose, Lord. i praise you for placing me here, now and ask that I may fully grasp, enjoy and take advantage of your blessings.

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