Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Missing Mommy

My life has made me distracted lately. lots going on, requiring lots of conversations on the phone with various family members. Despite his age, maxer is a wise boy who is quite aware of the goings on in this household. On monday, max went to great lengths to remind me that he needs me too.

While i was on the phone, maxwell took the memory card from our camera and put it in the mug of coffee i was holding. i yelled and tried to salvage the card while he climbed onto the counter and started dumping sugar from my canister onto the floor. while cleaning that up he proceeded to pour out water from a bowl onto the carpet. grrrr. in response i was short with him, gave him glares, and grabbed him a little harshly to emphasize my displeasure.

when he was at last no longer struggling against me, he just began to cry.

more like weep.

finally i recognized that the poor thing does not understand what is happening, just that something is. he reminded me that i am the thermostat for his days. he looks to me for mood, behaviour, and guidance. he needs my attention and love.

i took action and left the house for a park. we played hard. with action and word, i assured maxwell he is the most important.

once home again, i bathed and cuddled the boys, then sent them off for a nap. not a complaint was uttered as max obediently walked upstairs.

how this day reminded me of my own need to look to Jesus for guidance, attention and love. unlike any imperfect human being, his love is never failing and his guidance is perfect. may we look to him and depend on him to supply our needs. when we are focused on our Father his presence will provide for us all we are seeking.

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  1. ms. fiesty meise~
    first of all, i did not know you blogged! whoo-hoo now i can feel even closer to you while we are apart!

    and second, thanks for the great reminder about how much our little ones need us!

    luv ya!