Friday, November 6, 2009

Being a Mom

This morning i woke extra early to get a start on my online work for Teermans. While i was taking a shower (let's be honest, i do some of my best thinking while in the restroom, one of the rare times i am actually alone), i found myself contemplating how different life is as a mommy. here are some of my astute observations:

* My gratitude and joy at being a mom translates into tears of joy when a cow gives birth on tv. i am not a fan of animals, ever, but that did not stop the tears from flowing at the miracle the cow just experienced. then i gagged due to the grossness of cowbirthing.

* I include caramels that have already been in little weston's mouth in my recipe of caramel bars because i do not have enough otherwise. this seems like a great idea and i figure the heat of the oven will kill any germs. right?!

* i immediately become anyone's best friend if they compliment my child in any way. and i usually thank that person by telling them my history of mothering. it goes something like this " oh thanks! i think maxer is adorable too. i actually got pregnant with him while on the pill after just being married for 8 months. at first i was just so shocked" on and on for as long as the complimentor is standing still.

* i consider my body a multifunctional tool (used as a jungle gym, a milking parlor, a pillow, etc) and nothing that i have any control over any more.

* i pray more fervently than ever before because i now am praying for my boys.

* i love my baby daddy (awesome husband bradley) a zillion times more because of his part in creating and raising my precious gifts max and wes.

* i no longer have deep sleep, but am ready to awaken at the slightest noise in case it is a precious boy with nighttime troubles

the best of all: i am overwhelmed with thankfulness each and every day for the blessings god has given me through maxwell and weston.

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  1. They are so stinking cute! I LOVE your blog! Such a good read! :) Also remind me not to eat any of those carmel bars. haha!