Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Big 3, Yippee!

As of today, only the baby got ill!! praise the lord. look at this precious sick one:

We were still able to do a tiny bit of celebrating for the big brother yesterday. i am flooded with mom-guilt for not giving him the party i had wanted, but maxer is gracious and forgiving of the lack of real good times yesterday. Gradma made an adorable choo-choo train cake that maxer ate all by himself, daddy ran out to get max his supper of choice: french fries, and maxwell got to open up some presents!! he opened an adorable mini semi and was so enamoured he offered to give the other present to weston!! here i was, saddened by the fact we only got him 2 presents and maxman goes and gives one to his bro because one was enough. love that little man!!

maxwell alan,

you are such a big boy!! 3 years old! in your short three years you have brought such joy to daddy and my lives. you are such a sweet boy, thoughtfully ensuring your brother bear is well cared for and happy. you absolutely love your daddy, you always tell me he is your best friend. what a beautiful relationship to watch maxer. know your daddy and i will do anything and everything for our buddy. we want the very best for you Maximilian.

we are super proud of your potty training achievements in the last week. you are even trying all on your own and are deservedly proud of your accomplishments!
you are the best at listening for tractors and then running to find them as they go down the road. you are so content to ride along with daddy as he combines, chisel plows, and does pretty much anything else involving farm equipment.

you are still captivated by movies and are currently enjoying ratatouille. you find a select few foods delish, and i aim to please that tiny little palette! so we eat lots of pop tarts, mac and cheese, spaghettios, chicken nuggets, and grilled cheese. your fave toys are farm or construction related.
you fill each and every day with absolute joy. we cherish each moment god gives us with our firstborn baby boy!!

love daddy and mommy

thank you jesus for granting us this child. we pray our family glorifies you lord.

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