Saturday, November 28, 2009

A thankful heart

when you have been down and out for a couple days (or an entire week), due to the flu, or life, or whatever, things are especially beautiful once you come out of that time. friday was a day of renewed appreciation for feeling well. my sissa's and austin came over for some thanksgiving and some max celebrating. auntie beans gave maxer an awesome racetrack and such fun was had setting it up and watching it run.

thankfully, austin had some previous boy experience to assist us in the assembly.

the afternoon brought some good eating together and some good bonding. the food tasted just delish after a strict diet of toast and bananas. the company was just beautiful. i adore my sisters!

after a week of not feeling our best, it is good to feel good. we are all especially thankful for good food, an entire night's sleep, rambunctious boys, and enjoying one another's company without the presence of a puke bucket.

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