Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bouncing Baby Boys

We have been busy. These boys just don't stop, though they do pause frequently to ask where daddy is. Our first day on our own was spent with some of our best girls. We ate, we played, we visited, we giggled, and just bonded. maxer suggested the time had come to go home, so then we left.

upon our return home, my well-behaved (ish), overall chill (ish) children let loose.

the couch was transformed into a launch pad and the "nest" became a landing zone. Clothes were disregarded and skin was in. in the background, mike rowe of dirty jobs kept up his commentary on grossness and the boys went wild.

Maxer taught wes a thing or two about bravery and form. Wes cheered max on and practised all his bro showed him. Among giggles galore, i comforted the occasional wounded daredevil, rearranged pillows to more advantageous locations, and mostly just delighted in my adorable sons.

though i am sorry that my hubby missed out, i sure am grateful i got to be a part of this boyfest.

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  1. oh they are just too cute for words!! give them a big hug from me!!