Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy Birthday to Brad!

My husband is an incredible man. he is the man i most admire, respect, esteem, appreciate, adore, enjoy and love.

God has abundantly blessed me with this studley man to be my husband. you are all a man should be brad. thanks for being the hero of my heart, head of our household, father to our boys, provider, and king of my love.

i love love love you so brad.

we had a family celebration last night including brats, fruit pizza, cupcakes, and french fries. all per brad's request, though most were second choice as i did not know what he meant by referencing his amber's (sis-in-law) chicken dish that allegedly involves a sauce and maybe dried beef... oh well, he did seem to enjoy his george foremaned brat. and let's be real, nothing says "happy birthday my love" like a johnsonville brat.
brad is spending this day of days with his hunting buddies up in evart, mi. they are "preparing" for the opening day of firearm season by lots of male bonding. from what i gather, this involves several unhealthy and somewhat dangerous activities with some of your closest friends. card playing, story telling, and much fun having are taking place right this very moment.

so far, he has left twice, come back already once due to truck problems, and arrived safely at his destination: a woods. oh the adventures...