Saturday, November 7, 2009


There is a point in my life where multitasking ceases to be an effective tool for getting several things done at once; and instead becomes a direct path to absolute chaos. the following pictures are what happens when mom and dad leave the boys to themselves for mere moments while i have my back turned tackling 15 different jobs at once.

wes literally plays himself pantless

in max's words, he is "riding the pony"

we actually refer to that pony as a cupboard door. due to the illness factor in our home, we have not left the house in a few days, so what can i expect. the child was using his imagination. this pony ride is only a problem if that cupboard door breaks off. those cupboards store toys, and i utilize the shove and then close really fast before stuff falls out method.


  1. I love how you write! You crack me up and I just love seeing the pics of maxers and bear!

  2. Lynds-I love that you have a blog...I agree with Val, you crack me up with how you write. We should get together sometime soon. We are lonely all the way up here in Borculo!