Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Harvet Time

oh, the life of a farmer... filled with awesome expressions of God's faithfulness in the bounty of the harvest, and filled with long hours of tireless combining.

living as the WIFE of a farmer suits me much better: still i am witnessing all the blessings, but i can do so from the comfort of my own home, or the veen (our functional and adventurous chevy venture), or the park as we did this week.

the crisp fall air and darling boys made the day an experience of goodness. i am so grateful to my farmin man who works so hard so i can do this fun work of boy raising and playing. my days are not without challenge. as i type, maxer is upstairs throwing his clothes around his room instead of napping. instead of intervening, i merely pretend i am unaware of this current state of affairs and reflect instead on the good times:

now if that face doesn't make you forgive and forget, for real. cute. writing about cute, i gotta get creative with a portable dinner option for my cute hubby who will be eating and combining. harvest time is here, and i am already looking forward to the day when all the corn is combined and brad is back home with me and the boys. Until then,I will deliver supper, make some cookies, watch the shows that i want without any thought to brad's hunting show preferences, and wear the same clothes for 24 hours at a time without the concern of having brad seeing me in this state as we are only face to face for minutes a day. do consider yourself warned if you plan on stopping by for any reason. yes, harvest time is a difficult time of year, but it does have its good aspects :) gotta look for the positive and live it up.


  1. i love that u have this blog!!! Ilove the pics of the boys too!!!!

  2. Lyndsey, you would have a blog. haha i love it and i love you. you are an amazing writer and i thoroughly enjoyed reading this. it makes me feel like i am being transported back to overisel MI, just hanging out in a nest created out of pillows and blankets, thanks to max. i agree with val the pictures are downright adorable. I just finished all my classes for the day, and reading this entry left me refreshed and homesick for my adorable nephews and my incredible sister. have a good night xoxo