Saturday, March 30, 2013

great strides

springtime celebrates hope. the hope of warmer weather and new life. the hope of salvation in our risen lord. the hope that there is more than this winter of life that can be full of sorrow and struggle.
what a perfect time to be considering involvement in the hope that the cystic fybrosis foundation brings to the lives of those suffereing from this debilatating disease. please join me as we raise money for the life changing research being done right now
while we are so grateful for all the people who experience the benefits of the cf medical advancements, i walk for elliot leegwater.

elliot is the adorable son of our friends jeff and marcie leegwater. he has held a very special place in our hearts from the beginning. marcie and i were due the same day with our third babies and we endured a hot summer of camping together with growing bellies and anticiaption. our youngests made their debut next door to each other at zeeland community hospital.

this little love is all boy and plays hard with his older siblings. i love getting to celebrate elliot's birthday together with my aylaroo and note the beautiful contrasts of elliot's bravery and ayla's sass, listen to elliot's jabber and ayla's high pitched commenteray. hold ayla's petite little bod and heft elliot's solid frame. so beautiful to see the distinction between the two. but there are some differences that are heartbreaking. like when elliot has to stop his busy playing in the dirt for a breathing treatment. or when elliot could not partake in the thousands of snacks that make up camp food because he can only have so many enzymes a day required to digest his food. or when the beach was not an option for elliot as the dirty, dusty sand would aggrivate his breathing.

every day, elliot fights cystic fybrosis, a life-shortening genetic disorder that creates a thick mucus in his lungs and pancreas. he takes five medications, gets nebulizer treatments and chest percussions daily just to stay healthy.

GREAT STRIDES is the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation's largest and most successful national fundraising event. This year, I'm walking in the GREAT STRIDES again and deeply desire your partneship as there are medical breakthroughs currently in trial that will literally change elliot's life.  please follow the link to make a donation safely and securely.

Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those with CF! Thank you for supporting the mission of the CF Foundation and GREAT STRIDES!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

take note

one of the kids still favorite activities is to play with their matchbox cars on a small track.  they adore racing them, finding the very fastest cars.  bear especially enjoys crashing them.  ayla jo even finds enjoyment in sending cars zooming down the track. 

my fave is how both boys start the race, "markers, get set, go!" 
instead of on your marks, they say markers.  i love that little glimpse into their minds, like o it must be markers because that is what i know.  the whole on your marks business is just beyond them.

as i was helping to maintain turns and overall peace in the racing world, i witnessed bear headbut baby blue for accidentally knocking the track over.  i intervened and told weston that he needed to apologize and if that behaviour continued the track would be put away. 

he immediately said he was sorry and was back at playing until he sweetly glanced at me and said "so, dad is... never mind, i wont say it."  after much encouragement, he finished his statement. " dad is the boss mom, not you".

wes was trying to diminish my authority a bit, like whatever you say mom, but dad is really the boss.  he obeyed me, but suddenly his actions seemed much more of an attempt to appease mom rather than recognize the error of his ways and repent. 

such a big lesson from a little bear bear.  sometimes my behavior reflects a similar mindset with the lord.  my actions are often more a relfection of habit or meeting the expectation of others rather thana manifest of my love for the saviour.

later that evening, i was cleaning up supper while brad went into our room to relax.  he had been working super long days as one of the employees is on his honeymoon.  the adorables followed him.  things did not sound restful.  just then baby blue came rushing back in the kitchen, pleading with me to "come on, come on mom!  this!  in mommy's room!" and flapping her tiny little arms motioning me to join the chaos. 

so i did.  there before me, was brad lying on the bed, and the babes all standing in a row.  after a muffled "ready?" he began steamrolling.  and the cutes began jumping over him.  well, attempting to jump over him.  sometimes they landed on him, sometime he rolled over them.  regardless, it was hilarious and very inventive of bradley to somehow still be laying down and entertaining all the children. 

lord i pray that the days you give me with these adorables are not wasted.  open my eyes to see your lessons in their lives and enable me to wisely teach them your ways.  thank you for the treasure that is my family


Thursday, March 7, 2013


have you seen the farmer commercial from the superbowl?  so good.  so simple and true and achingly beautiful.

each one of us are created with gifts and abilities that are perfectly suited for the life we live. 

farmers are certainly set apart.  theirs is a job with unique requirements and demands.  it takes a very strong man to be a farmer.

listening to the wise words of paul harvey and seeing the familiar scenes touched my heart. here are some of my own reflections regarding my farmer:

god needed a man who would look after his pigs with the concerned responsibility to feed the people, sometimes coming home two or three times a day to check that they are fed and watered appropriately.  so god made a farmer.

god needed a man willing to sacrfice.  willing to experience exhaustion, discomfort, pain and frustration on a daily basis for the good of his pigs, his chickens and his fields.  willing to make financial decisions based on hope and determination to keep farming despite the volatile market and high cost of corn. so god made a farmer.

god needed a man committed to creation.  committed to finding the best way to care for the animals and the land of which he was made to have dominion. so god made a farmer.

god needed a man strong with humility.  who demands not the respect he deserves.  a man who does his job, consistently and without fail despite the conditions or the reward.  with each load of pigs, row of corn ,or flat of eggs, he gives it his full attention and his best work.  even when he receives criticisms from peta or misunderstood public opinion and ill conceived demands, he will continue to provide those very people with healthy and well tended food.

god neede a man with strength enduring.  strength to do battle with a 300 pound pig, and strength to wake up at 3:00 am on a monday morn and work till late in the afternoon. strength to tame and subdue the land and raise healthy animals.  so god made a farmer.

i am beyond thankful for the farmer god made me and my family.  i praise the lord for all the farmers and ask him boldly for their protection.