Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving is not what i envisioned for my fam. the stomach flu has ravaged through our entire family and has lasted a whole week. each one of us getting our turn a day and a half after the one before. bradley is still recovering, currently at work, yes on thankgiving day, but not 100% healed just yet. therefore we will be spending this day like we have spent the last 7. at home, just the four of us, trying not to puke.

despite the circumstances, i find myself filled to overflowing with thankfulness for god's faithfulness in our lives.
i am SO grateful for the healing that has taken place, thank you jesus.
thank you jesus for allowing me to wake up to the kisses of baby bear.
thank you jesus for all my boys so we could bond over monster trucks and tractor pulls already this thanksgiving morn.
thank you jesus for max's amazing potty training and for wes' adorable dance moves.
thank you jesus for goldfish for breakfast and popsicles for lunch.
thank you for blessing my family with plenty.

while our extended families and friends gather together for turkey, we will be continuing to regain strength, replenish fluids, and relax our sore tummies, all the while reveling in god's graciousness in our lives.

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