Friday, November 20, 2009

Max is 3!!! Wes is Throwing up..

Happy Happy Birthday to my firstborn son maxwell! my heart is breaking that so far this birthday has consisted of a lot of puke from wes.

please join me in praying for healing and protection over my fam.

bear is still vomiting. max's tummy is hurting. be near jesus!


  1. oh poor baby bear :(

    happy birthday max, what a sweet little boy he is growing up to be!!

    prayers for your family. i am so sad there tummies hurt :( i hate when kids are sick.

  2. happy birthday, maxer! i remember visiting you the week you were born, three thanksgivings ago. you were so tiny then, but already sporting the camo gear just like your daddy. hope you feel better soon!

  3. Oh Lynds, so sorry that today you are cleaning puke instead of baking a cake!! :( We will be in prayer for quick healing for Wes!!!