Sunday, May 4, 2014


Nothing makes a mama feel as powerless as when a baby is sick.  I experienced this helplessness most recently when baby molly was only 8 weeks old. Molls is so blessed to have 3 amazing older siblings.   Sometimes,  those sibs share more than just smiles with the baby girl. A cold had been working its way through the ranks of adorables,  so I was not surprised when Molly started to get some symptoms. She would wake with a some congestion,  and fuss more than usual.  My mama radar was on high alert for worsening of her first cold.

After dropping max off at school one morning, I returned home and really investigated something that was bothering me all morn. Molly has been a bit noisy from the beginning,  always grunting and making those sweet baby noises. But these grunts occurred on every exhale... that was enough to make me gather up the smallest 3 and head to the walk in clinic.

The drs carefully listened to Molly's lungs and heard some crackling. They sent us to the er where the dr there did not seem as concerned,  cautioning me that these viruses can worsen very quickly in babies so itty bitty.  The remainder of that day and night passed in a haze of worry and continuous attention to Molly's breathing.  By 5 am, I was ready to take her back in, even tho she had an appt for later that day.  I called the on call nurse, who recommended I call 911 for an ambulance due to Molly's labored breathing.

I rushed her to the er where we were admitted to the hospital in order to monitor Molly's oxygen levels.  We were very well cared for. The breathing treatments improved Molly's ability to breathe, and the pneumonia in her lungs eventually cleared. Her rsv resolved. Her story has a happy ending.

But for those days and nights my baby girl was so ill, i was sick as well.  Watching her chest retract with each breath deeply pained my own chest as my heart broke. Seeing the oxygen taped to her sweet baby cheeks made tears spill over my mine.  Hearing Molly struggle to breathe, I added my prayers to the noise.  There lay my precious girl, and I could do nothing to help her.

We are so thankful the lord healed her so completely.  where our power is very limited, Jesus has unending ability.  To heal. To equip. To provide peace.

Every day the leegwaters live with a keen awareness of their dependence on our faithful god. Elliot,  born next door to ayla jo at Zealand community hospital almost 4 years ago, battles daily to stay healthy. Elliot has cystic fibrosis,  an inherited chronic disease affecting elliots lungs and digestive system. Jeff and Marcie,  Elliott's parents, do all they can to keep Elliot healthy; breathing treatments,  enzymes before each meal, precautions against germs, and strict adherence to the use of a percussive vest that works out the extra phlegm in Elliot's lungs. I so admire their amazing organization and beautiful faith.

Let's support the leegwaters with what is in our power to do: support the cf foundation.  Already in elliot's lifetime, the life expectancy for people with CF has increased 4 years to 41. The cf foundation is making incredible breakthroughs in treatments.  Currently in clinical trials is a drug that will help elliot fight CF at cellular level.

If it is in your power to financially support the CF foundation,  please join the great strides fundraiser with your donation by clicking through to this page

The power of prayer is undeniable.  Please join me in praying for a cure, continued health for Elliot,  and peace and strength for jeff and marcie leegwater.  For His is the kingdom, and power, and glory forever! AMEN