Wednesday, February 6, 2013


its lunchtime. 
and i have a few concerns.

this morning, when it was just aylaroo and i, the only activity she wanted to do with me was to watch a show in my bed.  nothing else.  not babies, not puppies, just watch a show.  i gave in for a few minutes while i quickly tried to tame the tangled mess of my house and lured her away with story time later.  okay, so maybe i had to also give her smarties.  which she held in her toes and used them to point to things in the books we were reading.  not. normal.

bear bear is wearing his green shorts.  it is 22 degrees outside and though our pellet stove is roaring, i am chilly in a hooded sweatshirt and hat.  i told him he could not eat until he put something additional on.  he settled on a pair of shoes and his halloween socks. 

i am quite certain bear bear chooses lunch based on what harv likes to eat more than what he himself wants.  lots of the nuggets are disappearing from his plate in small pieces...

baby blue refuses to sit down and eat an entire meal.  she asks to be excused sometimes before she even takes her first bite.  cupcake always comes back for another bite when i call her but lunch is a long process.

while my daughter is napping, my son has turned into a pirate.  i hid the treasure, and he requested that i draw him a treasure map to find it.  me, the girl who got lost coming home for her entire first year of marraige despite the fact that the streets are numbered by me.  bear bear may never come back.

well, i found bear,  but he did not find the treasure. and that created some animosity toward me. so i gracefully switched activities to throwing an arby's frisbee back and forth.  this also did not go so well.  at one poiont, bear stopped pointed to his hand and proclaimed, "mom, this is your goal.  aim right here"

so this snippet is not a concern, just pride in my eldest.  when we picked maxer up from school, he entered the veen and proudly showed us three bracelets he earned with his good behaviour tickets.  as we congratulated him and discussed how cool they were, maxwell announced he got one for sister and one for bear and one for him.  sooo generous!  thanks max!

i am sure these things will resolve themselves...

Monday, February 4, 2013

the little things

last night brad and i started planning our annual winter water park adventure.  we looked at different dates and prices and discussed if we could include a cadillac night or two in the mix.  though nothing has been decided, we have cash in an envelope waiting on us thanks to my grandparents generosity at christmastime.

the anticipation is so much fun.  ever since we began talking about great wolf lodge, i keep thinking about different aspects that i am especially excited about.  hotel coffee, hotel living, okay, everything about hotels.  how fun it will be this year for the kids as they are all a bit older and a bit braver.  eating out :)

my tendency when something exciting is coming up is to focus solely on that one good thing, losing sight of the lots of good things that are happening in the waiting.  this happened to an extreme while i was engaged and waiting to be married to bradley, and when i was pregnant with each of the adorables.  however, it happens in little bits waiting for the weekend, or for brad to get home from work.  so, i am determined to intentionally enjoy all the little things that are oh so beautiful:

1.  like today, on this wintery, blustery, freezing cold day, we are enjoying the pellet stove warming the living room with its cozy glow while bear bear is snuggled in a blanket with macie.  i am letting them watch a little show, and bear bear keeps trying to sing along with every song and speak along with the characters as if he knows each word by heart.  in reality, he is unfamiliar with this episode and is just sorta mumbling along.  he does this often, with books i read or movies in the veen.  i find it so charming, he is one of a kind.

2.  max is start student starting monday.  therefore, this weekend included much preperation for his big week.  mrs. pitcher gave max several stars which he had to fill with characteristics of himself.  we had so much fun looking through pictures and discussing his favorites and future plans.  this is what he came up with:
when he grows up he wants to be a professional golfer.
his favorite food is deer meat, so he cut out a picture of a deer daddy shot and is hanging from a rope.
his favorite hobby is riding in the razor with daddy.

3.  ayla jo is currently obsessed with all things my little pony.  somehow, i managed to accidentally change the settings on my phone so the internet works crazy fast!  yeah!  so i have resorted to you tubing baby blue some rainbow dash and applejack and twilight sparkle shows.  presh

4. books.  all the adorables are super into stories right now.  as we were settling in with stacks of books this afternoon, i told both cupcake and wes that i loved them so much and kissed them loud and long on their foreheads.  bear looks at me and says, wow, you love me a lot!  totes bear bear, a whole lot.

5.  snow.  winter came with a vengenance.  snow days happening left and right, freezing temps, and windy white outs.  sunday we were able to actually enjoy the snowfall with our neighbors and friends the kleins.  between brad and jason, all kids got their fill of being dragged behind the atv's on their sleds.  max's hands got so so cold, but he refused to tell us until he was in pain.  i drew him a warm tub and he literally fell asleep in the bathtub.  it was creepy looking and angelic at the same time.  i obviously woke him up, got everyone snuggled in with blankets and then tracked brad down to ask for a ride of my own.  i took a terrible spill after 2.3 seconds and then broke the sled after 5 seconds of riding.  whoopsy daisy

such a good reminder that the days need not be momentous to be special and unforgettable.