Monday, November 16, 2009

Feels Like Home

As brad is STILL hunting... we are trying to make this time special for us too. Thankfully, my sistas were on board with a little trip to the zoo...

After spending the evening at my house, beans (aka megan) and kels loaded the boys and themselves into the veen and away we went to john ball park zoo. an amazing time was had by all. tho the girls battled their way through much nose holding against the zoo-like smells, i was able to take it all in through the joy of my boys. both were totally psyched to be there.

baby bear could even locate some of the animals and then shriek excitedly and point. so cute.

when we first arrived, maxwell shouted to us, look, there's a squirrel! so glad we paid to see all the animals when a squirrel elicited such a response. for real tho, maxer was on a mission. he would zoom from one exhibit to the next. find the animal, and move right along. he just told me his fave were the penguins. they were especially noisy this visit.

all in all, i still despise animals of all kinds. somehow i can love the time i spend at the zoo for the simple fact that my boys so enjoy themselves. plus, all the smells and craziness remind me of my life on the farm...

bear did develop another cold, but after consulting beans on the matter, we are quite sure it is the lion flu and not h1n1, so give those pigs a break from taking so much heat people!! pork chops do sound delish for dinner... hint hint


  1. lynds!!! i miss you...already. but thankfully thanksgiving is close. i hope wes is feeling better, I hate when your boys are sick! :( thanks for the shout out in this entry. i had so much fun, but the time went WAY too fast this weekend. ill talk to you soon sista