Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pyro Problems

Scented Candles are one of my fave things. Since i live on a pig farm, they have become even more of a delight in my life. i often have them throughout the house to counteract the aromas of chicken poop, pig poop, and baby poop.

Max also enjoys having candles lit for a very different reason. he loves to blow them out. since this brings him such joy, i facilitate a candle blowing adventure once in awhile under close parental supervision. after he successfully extinguished the candle i congratulated him and re-lit it for its initial purpose of providing ambiance and scent. and then i turned my back


max says, "look mommy, another candle". well, there was another FIRE, but it was not a candle. he lit a plastic game piece on fire and was holding it in his hand.

then i became drama mama and threw it into the sink and turned the water on all while acting like he did not just risk being a burn victim to play with fire. that is such a boy thing.

max is a mischievous fellow. however, there is a happy ending, all is well, and all the candles are hidden.

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  1. Fyi, I think I saw in a magazine flameless, scented candles!! May be something you want to look into! ha ha!!
    Val :)