Sunday, November 8, 2009


On Saturday, i was reminded again of the urgency and demanding nature of the harvest. I dropped maxer off to ride with brad for awhile and in the short time i was there i was overwhelmed at all the different tasks that were pulling for brad's attention. he had to moniter the path of the combine, the terrain of the field, the moisture content of the corn, the amount of corn, the whereabouts of his fellow farmers, and many other things that my ignorance prevented mefrom being aware. brad was not alone, all the area farms are doing this same thing. there is much going on these days.
Sunday, however, had a very different feel to it. i had to run to meijer for a few forgotten gorceries and i passed the same fields and the same combines. but everything was still. no one was harvesting. all the combines were abandoned and the farmers were not in their fields.
the scene was somehow reverent. i recognized the contrast from living in this wild and demanding world and glorying in the stillness of the Lord.
even the farmers take a sabbath. a day to rest, to know God, to recharge for the week ahead.
thank you lord for your goodness and truth present even in the cornfields of overisel, mi.
here are some pics of our sabbath, spent in the company of some awesome friends, the schoonvelds.

wes spent some time getting loved on by sweet kenedy.

max and teagan bonded over cookies. when maxer woke up from his nap his first words were "where my friends go?" cute!

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  1. I love watching the farmers right now too! Thanks Brad for all your hard work! Lynds, I love the background you chose...very cute!!