Thursday, April 1, 2010

let's go fly a kite

we did! doesn't it look peaceful and gorgeous? keep reading

yesterday was super warm and we took advantage of the weather by bringing a kite outside with us! wind is a constant at our house, so i decided to make it work for us and bought a kite for $1. inspired to teach maxer about the letter k, i thought it might help for him to see what an actual kite was instead of me just saying k is for kite.

though there was not so much learning happening in the open fields yesterday, there was kite flying! as soon as i had that pooch assembled, it was high in the sky! at first the boys were enamoured with their amazingly gifted kite flyer mom, and the kite itself. i finally relinquished the kite to maxer after explaining the importance of hanging on very tight. he was really masterful initially! (apparently the wind conditions were ideal and the kite was well crafted, because really neither of us have real talent in this area). he kept telling me to look and was so proud of his own abilities. while we were discussing the properties of the wind and whatnot, max let go of the kite and it sailed far away to the middle of one of our fields. bummer

we all trekked out there, me with bear on my hip as he seems to have some fear of everything outdoors. mostly i believe the flies were bothering my baby bear, but he was bothering me with all the whining and crumpling to the ground in despair. maybe he was fearful that once we were in the fields we would not come back, perhaps the dogs were slightly overwhelming... regardless, he recovered nicely and enjoyed the remainder of his time outside taking in the sights, feeling the wind in his hair, and getting filthy dirty.
seriously, precious! weston encouraged my flying attempts with sweet little "oh's" and "wow"s.

we got the kite and parked it again in the grass watching it dance in the sky. when i asked max to hold onto it again while i took his pic, he repeated his previous craziness of letting go of it AGAIN. as much as i really delighted in hiking out over the uneven ground in the field, i thought better of asking max to take control of the kite. so here is a max pic while i was flying the kite :)
he looks like he is having the time of his life! i might have been a little hard on him regarding the whole free flying stunt he pulled with the kite.

not so much the educational experience i had intended, but lots was learned and much fun was had during the boys' first kite flying adventure!

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