Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

celebrating the risen christ is much more than the activities of one day. however, i am grateful for the opportunity that good friday and easter allow us to really recognize the sacrifice and the beautiful glory of our lord.

this year, both of these sacred days were spent working. i worked on good friday night at teermans, and brad worked on sunday. these unique circumstances really forced us to recognize our awesome god while worshipping him within ourselves as the actions of the days were generally not that special. we were humbled at the thought of christ dying for us, and overwhelmed with the miracle of the resurrection all while we went about mostly daily activities.

what a blessing this easter season has been to teach us that our every day must be filled with the resurrection. what a gift we have been given through christ's ultimate demonstration of love. this gift of freedom is meant to be grasped and lived out in all aspects of our life.

dont get me wrong, the boys were still spoiled with easter goodies from bopa, mr. wayne, and our dear neighbor kim. we still had a delicious easter feast, we still attended an easter service at church, and we spent some precious time with my sister and future bro in law. we even had a very special angus burger easter lunch in house 6 of the chicken coops followed by a tour of egg packers and chicken cages, much to the boys' delight.

but the most powerful part of the holiday was the fact that christ conquered the grave so we can live in relationship with him for all eternity
starting now.
while working, or playing, or blowing bubbles, or cleaning toilets, our god has redeemed us and we are his right now.
thank you jesus for this beautiful gift of life everlasting with you! help us to live our eternity together by glorifying you in our lives even today.

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