Monday, April 19, 2010

daddy day

as i was gallivanting across state lines this weekend, the boys got to spend the day with daddy. well, first they actually had a little val vacation time at the vanderkamps during which no injuries occured. just as a reminder, here is what bear looked like before i left:

cute as can be!

as we meiste's just cannot get enough of the nyhofs, brad decided to treat the boys to an afternoon of equipment exploration over at the nyhof's land. they drove over on the mule, played in the dirt, rode on the bulldozer, and basically had a super fun time doing boyish things. until bear took a spill onto the dozer. as dan said, "there is nothing soft on a bulldozer". brad heard the thud of head against metal and rushed to comfort the crying bear. bear's nose was bleeding and brad felt awful. then dan brought attention to the large goose egg forming on bear's forehead. brad bolted soon after catching a glimpse of the injury. as soon as he got home, brad called me saying "i dont even want to ask you this, but, how do you know if a baby has a concussion.?"

thus began 45 minutes of phone conversations with various mothers, zeeland community hospital, and my devastated husband. after pleading with the nurses to not call child protective services regarding this particular incident with child and bulldozer, we determined it to be a head wound and not a brain injury though we took precautions through the evening.

here is bear, 2 days after the "incident". notice the distinctive markings of the steel grips found on the steps of a dozer, evidenced on bear's nose.

when i returned home, oh how i loved on my boys. all three of them. they are so precious, even when slightly deformed :) though my stomach hurt when i saw the baby bear all swollen, i was so grateful for the concerned and compassionate daddy he has. boys grow by bumps and bruises i am told, so expect a growth spurt coming on! he will be a tough one this little bear!!


  1. oh poor bear, that makes my stomach turn! what a tough little boy!

  2. Poor little peanut- glad to see he's okay! Boys sure are tough :)