Friday, April 2, 2010

20 weeks baby!

half way there!

in case you missed the baby bump, brad zoomed in for you.

we are celebrating god's faithfulness in creating another healthy little baby meiste! brad and i took the boys to get a glimpse of the newest meiste during our ultrasound on thurs. max commented how much he liked my baby, while weston literally climbed up counters and chairs wreaking havoc of one kind or another.

dr taylor located the bladder telling us baby had just peed as it was empty moments earlier. he also showed us the eyeball, spine, heart, fingers, toes, cute little ear, and everything else totaling a healthy and seemingly happy babe. looking at the pics, i cannot decipher which parts are what, but i still show and tell that precious baby to anyone who will listen.
thank you jesus for this precious gift, we pray you continue to protect baby as he/she grows!!

as per brad's request, baby's gender is unknown. brad claims he knows baby is a girl, whereas i am convinced about another boy. the name game is not going well, brad's latest suggestion was russell. baby russ. no

we continue to peruse lists upon lists of names in search of the perfect match. suggestions are welcome as long as they are not stan or russell.

in other baby news, today was the first day a stranger asked to touch my belly. i was happy to oblige though i am not that big yet so it was a little more awkward and intimate than i hoped for...


  1. Hi Meiste's
    Bryan suggestion for the baby: Tator Dane??? not sure what that is about Brad will love it he says :) The rest of the group says HI and are hoping for a Colter or Milah good luck on picking :)
    Greetings from the OCEAN......

  2. hello spring breakers! please tell bryan brad was really hoping for twins only so that he could name them tater and tenley. so not happening. love the other suggestions! have a beautiful break zoet's!!