Tuesday, April 6, 2010

summer cut

we all knew it was just a matter of time until brad gave in and wielded the clippers.

cosmetology has always been a secret passion of his. just look at his own hairstyle.

well on saturday he finally denied his desires no more and cut the boys' hair.
as is evident from the pics, the boys were both absolutely fascinated by the whole affair. only one child bled when brad started getting fancy with the scissors, though there were tears from both.

i respect my love even more for this show of multidimensional giftedness. in order to prevent the event from being too feminine, please know that the conversation revolved primarily around killing things, farming, peeing outside, and tractors. much candy was ingested and pictures snapped.

all in all, the cut was a success: the boys have charming summer hair. i consider all these boys just precious whether their hairs are disheveled, sticky, long, short, or gone.


  1. love it! they look so handsome!

  2. Hey Guys,
    Bryan is looking for haircut minus the bloody ear :) Hope all is well on the farm!!
    BAZ and the gang