Sunday, April 18, 2010

shower power

a radical road trip, beautiful girls, and one very surprised sister filled my saturday this weekend. Beans' adorable roomate emily threw megan her first bridal shower, a surprise lingerie shower.

here are some of the details

the location: chicago
the to-be-bride: overwhelmed with love and gifts of naughty little numbers
the friends: supportive and fun!
the food: desserts including cupcakes, puppy chow, cookies, cake, and chocolate covered pretzels

we departed from holland in the "ladybug" (kellbell's car, a volkswagen beetle) around 9 am, 2 of meg's highschool besties kelly and julie, kelstastic, and me. spirits were high as we cruised down the road to surprise our sweet sister/friend. her chicagoan homestead makes the visits few and far between, so we all missed her presence greatly.

bridal showers are such a beautiful opportunity to demonstrate one's excitement and love for the bride, and this shower was no exception. the reunion of sisters and friends was emotional, but em was ready with a game testing our beans knowledge. after kelly won said game, we started on the toilet paper dress masterpieces, i must say, i made one hot pregnant bride in toilet paper :)

kels' toilet paper wedding dress may have changed her mind about marriage...

following the shower, we continued to bond and explore wheaton's campus. after our spiritual tour of the billy graham center museum culminating in the hallelujah chorus, we loaded back into the bug and headed for home. i love my sista's so, and celebrating meg's impending nuptuals was such a treat!

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