Wednesday, March 31, 2010


this is where my boys were made to be. outside. splashing in puddles, getting muddy, discovering nature, and running wild.

therefore, when i take them to, for example, old navy, things rarely go as i plan. they are still in explorer mode, and i am in "quick find something as soon as possible while looking mostly at the kids, the price, and lastly the size" mode when we shop together.

the instance i would like to share with you today happened on monday while i was trying to find a little something for my mom who is currently being hospitalized for detox. first, what does one purchase on such an occasion? nothing seems right because the situation is just not right. errr. so here i am frazzled and collecting shirts and lounge pants for my mom who refuses to see me, while my boys are hiding in clothes racks and taking in all the sights of the holland old navy.

and then, maxer found a yet undiscovered place: a door covered in red lettering. ever the curious little boy, he opens it and a loud blaring alarm sounds. so loud both boys start crying and most of the staff come running.

the emergency exit max found sounded the fire alarm.

i was right there. not even a foot away, but it was not close enough.

i profusely apologized, started sweating, and headed for the cash registers immediately.

upon returning home and describing the scene, brad asked "did you find me any golf shirts?" rather than burst into tears of frustration, confusion, and forgetfulness, i replied, "i thought we could do that together!" (the exclamation point was used here to muster up false enthusiasm so brad would think that was my intention all along and will surely be a super fun activity for him and i to share. sadly, it was not effective)

moral of this story: next time we need something from old navy, we are going to grandville.


  1. oh the joys of motherhood that await.... OH BOY! Literally.

  2. OR you could just have me come with you for reinforcement! you know how much I love to shop for a good deal; I could have done your shopping for you! what size golf shirts would your Bradley need?