Wednesday, April 21, 2010


oh, it is that time of year again, every hog farmer's fave, i am sure. time to haul the honey. that cute phrase is one that mom lampen uses to refer to the disgusting job of slinging pig poop from a tractor onto a field. it does not matter what one calls it, it stinks.

literally. just ask a certain construction company with an office located smack dab in the middle of farm country. i dont want to give away any names, but it rhymes with schmedeven brothers construction. they just called to ask my hard working man to work harder and later discing the field to hopefully help with the stink. the smell really was irritating them today. you know what irritates me? people who feel so entitled they actually complain about smells permeating the country air despite the fact that they quite certainly enjoy some bacon every now and then...

anywho, just complain about my husband and be ready for 110 pounds of fury. consider yourself warned.

as a preggers with a sense of scent that rivals any bloodhound, let it be known i recognize the grossness of pigs poop. any poop for that matter. i also really miss bradley as he runs to and from the pit and tractor, forego's supper to keep after a "hobby" that has not been financially successful of late, and tirelessly fixes our rather old spreader to the point of soaking the manure smell in his pores for months to come. however, here is what i know: spreading manure is a necessary part of this farm. my boys are learning to be men of amazing work ethic, few complaints, and strong character by watching and riding with their daddy as he hooks the tractor up for another round.

my apologies to the hamilton community for some days of yuck smells.
my suggestion for coping, just eat a pork chop and move on. :)

now i must move on to fill a tub in which to soak my boys, they are getting less and less discernable from the pigs these; days in smell and deed.

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