Friday, April 16, 2010

one on one

these two are too cute.
sometimes, they are just too much. though i rarely feel overwhelmed to the point of despair, shopping does bring me the closest to that point of all my adventures with the boys.
well today, i welcomed home my grandparents from florida and conveniently gave them the gift of time with max while i took weston around town to run some errands. well it was downright enjoyable, mostly. i felt more in control of the situation, that is for sure. bear seemed to be enjoying his mommy time and demonstrated his adoration by pulling clothes off racks and hangers, conversing with the elderly we found at various locations, and going through my wallet and whipping out credit cards and cash alike. though that does seem like a wild time, max was not there hiding in clothing racks or begging for toys, so i felt good. also, i was able to really let my belly hang out and not try to disguise the fact that yes, she is preggers again. mostly when out with both boys i feel slightly like people who surround us are thinking she should not be bringing another child into this world until she at least can control these two. maybe i am reading into things, but still...
i went to three different locations, accomplished all my goals, and got burger king. when i arrived to retrieve max, he had picked me some dandelions and was playing right where i had left him. what a gift to be able to get so much done, and to cherish my time with the baby bear while he delighted in balloons, smiled so sweetly, and scarfed on goldfish. it is so fun to enjoy that time rather than rush through errands on a wing and a prayer!

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  1. I'm glad you were able to get some things accomplished and enjoy a bit of alone time with Mr. Bear. If you ever need some one on one time (or alone time :) please feel free to bring the boys over- Emma would love it! I'm sure shopping with two little ones can be overwhelming, I know I get exasperated with Emma sometimes! But you are a wonderful mommy to two adorable little boys. Meiste number three will be blessed to call you mommy :)