Monday, April 12, 2010


as baby meiste performed acrobatics directly on my bladder last night, i tried hard not to pee and reflected on the current state of my life.

once upon a time, i pictured my life very, very differently than what it is. i planned to graduate college and move to florida where i would change the lives of hordes of middle schoolers through my amazing teaching skills. after years of tanning in the floridian sun and gifting students with a passion for reading and writing, i intended to snag a hunky husband and start poppin out sweet little girls the spitting image of their mother. i considered that we were going to live in a cutesy cottage ish house near a lake or ocean and all things towny.

right before i graduated, i met bradley alan meiste and suddenly the picture of perfection started changing. the cross country distance i had so been anticipating no longer seemed necessary because i found a man who would fight for me and defend me from myself and familial woes. town is 1/2 an hour away, seperated from us by gorgeous farmlands. teaching faded into the background as we got surprise pregnant 7 months after getting married and while on the pill. sweet little girls who would paint their nails and color with me were pushed aside for rambunctious and adorable boys who paint the bathroom with my nail polish and use tractors to haul crayons from one room to another. the hunky husband part, while i think it is obvious i accomplished that no problem.

my plan was nice, but gods plan is awesome! surrounded by boys, i am the princess of this family, and completely outnumbered. just look what happened during dinner last night:

i made some delish stromboli to eat while watching the masters and suddenly everyone was taking off their pants and standing on the table. there is no explanation, i just grabbed my camera amidst giggles galore and snapped a pic of my life.

oh how god must chuckle when i continue to bring before him my best laid plans. he continues to bless me beyond measure with an abundance i could never imagine, let alone ask for. each day i am so excited to see what he has in store for me and my fam. it is quite a ride, and his grace abounds through it all.

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  1. I love it Lynds! God only laughs at our best laid plans for life- what a wonderful reminder. Hope you are having a fabulous week.
    Love ya!