Monday, April 26, 2010

the love of conversation

my name is lyndsey, and i like to talk.

i know many of you reading right now are in complete and total shock, but it is the truth. my day is made up of conversations more than errands or accomplishments. for example, this morning, i chatted it up with marcia from the bank, learning about her weekend of hibernation in this cool weather. while at meijer, i ran into my dear friend lisa and caught up on their newest member of the family a foster child from guatemala named erica who is struggling to learn english but could not have a more amazing fam from which to grow in love. during the checkout, joyce told me all about her days as a girl scout leader and all the crafts she would do. on my way home, i discussed mothering with my good friend blair, we came to the understanding that three year old boys are full of spit and vinegar. at the park, i made a new friend with a mother of three who lives in the hamilton area and feels content about not having more children.
these are mere snippets of our interactions during which i spilled just about anything and everything about me. this includes several details no one really cared to know, but i oh so willingly divulged, it is a problem.
anywho, all those words were meant to do is assure you i find conversing just beautiful. my fave is to talk with the lord. though i do not do this frequently enough, i am overwhelmed with gratitude to have the opportunity to discuss my everything with jesus christ. we talk about needing protection, guidance, and patience with my boys, we talk about my desire to infuse him ever more present in my life, and we talk about fears, hopes, and dreams. basically, we really talk about it all.
it has come to my attention, that maxwell is learning this valuable gift. his prayers are the sweetest and most random little discussions with his jesus. if ever i try to keep him on topic or suggest prayer requests, he furrows his brow and says, "mom, i am talkin to god!" right on, who am i to interfere with that!! before his nap today i prayed aloud about max remaining holy and blameless in god's presence, at which point max says "presents? i love presents" :)
here is maxwell's prayer from lunch on sunday:
god is great, god is good, now we thank him for our food.
thank we mommy can feel her baby move.
thank we have daddy here.
thank we go camping soon.
thank we go to the waterslide tomorrow. (he likes to peek during this thank -you / hint to mom and dad)
thank we have big friends over to our house. (big means large quantities here)
thank we have chepup. (ketchup, the child loves his ketchup)
thank we ride in daddy's tractor and spread nure that is deesgusting.
AAA men
amen is right. amen to pure hearts and childlike spirits, amen to keeping jesus a constant presence in our lives, and amen to the gratefulness expressed by one of my greatest blessings, maxwell alan.

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  1. that little prayer brought tears to my eyes,(i think it was the baby moving part, or possibly the nure) but i fought the urge b/c i just finished up my makeup for my work day ahead...but that was so precious, you'll be so glad you have that written down someday!

    i love talking to you lyndsey!

    ps, i thank the Lord for ketchup too, love it!