Monday, March 1, 2010

wonderful weekend

the week was full, and the weekend began even fuller. i worked on fri evening, brad on saturday, plowing had to be done, nursery duty called, and on and on. by the time i arrived home to wild boys on sat evening after spending it with 40 of the other wildest children attending ridge point's nursery, i was spent. thankfully, brad anticipated my own exhaustion, and his own after two nights in a row as primary caregiver to the two cutest boys ever. he had taken the boys to blockbuster and rented some movies. we plugged in up and snuggled down.

thus began an evening of entertainment and tears from me. sunday morning, we woke up and made cinnamon rolls together. after the delish feast, we all made "nests" in our bed and cuddled together under the comforter.

around lunchtime, we pulled ourselves from the down and got ready to fulfill my first craving of this pregnancy; a strawberry schipper whip from captain sunday. for those of you who have not been preggers, let me just clarify what a craving is: an overwhelming need, an obsession, one can hardly think of anything else. anywho, so brad indulged my desire for a slush mixed with ice cream and it was awesome. never before had i tasted one and today it sounds gross, but we preggers thrive on being random and unpredictable!

we went to arby's for lunch off the new dollar menu, though this did require several trips back up to the counter for more. then we stopped at family fare for a frozen pizza for supper.

driving home in the veen with the sun shining and the boys sleeping in the back, i looked over at the love of my life and realized why this series of relatively insignificant events made my heart so content. it was him. brad celebrated the fact that i desired to eat something, anything with this baby; he laughed at the boys' antics in public, and he gave up his one and only day off to make it a day of fun for the whole fam. thank you jesus for such a man and such a day.

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