Monday, March 22, 2010


our family has been anticipating the premiere of the show life since we first saw the commercials for it weeks ago. last night, our wait was finally over as oprah narrated some random challenges and we watched wide eyed some beautiful miracles of nature. the boys, all of them, were absolutely riveted to the screen, marveling over god's awesome creation. as i was watching my miracles watch the miracles of nature onscreen, i found myself more entertained by maxer than the actual production. he is a wise little boy that one. here are some of his astute observations.

while watching ibex precariously running around on cliffs: " how'd them get down there? maybe he's lost."

after the venus flytrap captured a fly in its clutches: "that makes my life so scary!"

during the segment featuring frogs: " how it gets up there? he needs his friends. he's sticky snails so that he can climb"

at each commercial break max would ask brad "daddy, where your show go?"

we were thoroughly entertained with the show and the boy.

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