Monday, March 29, 2010

great wolf lodge

more like awesome wolf lodge, cause we had such a beautiful time there on thursday night!

unfortunately, my camera is broken, allowing me to only use that tiny viewfinder window in order to take pics instead of that nice digital screen. this is more of a problem for me as i cannot just keep one eye closed so i have to nonchalantly use one hand to close one eye and take the pic with the other hand. this is a lot to ask of a pregnant blond. ps- the camera is broken on account of me pretending to ignore that the boys are playing with it in order to have a phone conversation or fold like one shirt. too bad!

anyway, i was able to capture 2 cute pics that will hopefully contain enough delicious boy smiles to demonstrate how very much fun we all had.

here is maxwell the courageous; so called for his bravery exhibited by going down every slide at great wolf. kids, and adult slides alike, this child was an animal. he dragged brad around that place and would not stop despite the shivers that were overtaking his little boy frame. this is a pic of him swimming the lazy river type attraction. though lazy does not describe maxer's demeanor while bouncing along to the current. at one point, brad was checking out so i had both boys in this river thing trying to hold on to wes for dear life and follow after the big boy bopping in the water ahead of me. my hips are still sore from this maneuver that required huge steps and balance.

this is me and wes. bear was really entertained by it all. he did venture down the kiddie slides several times, but needed one parent at the top to position and shove him down and another at the bottom to catch. his fave was floating in a raft with me in the lazy river thing. he would just chill and take all the action in. i so enjoyed holding onto him and relaxing in a tube while feeling the babe kick. precious.

spending time bonding with the fam amidst waterslides, water splashes, and water really just was all around excellent!

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