Friday, March 12, 2010

life is good

when there is tragedy around, the very sweetest things in life seem even more precious. coming home to my refuge of a house and being surrounded by lots of lovin boys reminds me on a daily basis how blessed i am.

my friends are willing and desiring to come and journey alongside me. my family is supportive and brokenhearted with me. my children, well, they remain adorable and very challenging.

brad is very instrumental in reminding me that it is a beautiful thing that my life doesnt stop so i can process things. my life is full, so full of fun and wonder and yes, sadness sometimes.

while we are waiting to hear back from the oar representative, i am reveling in the peace i find in christ jesus, i am delighting in the change of seasons, i am enjoying the fact that we are returned from getting groceries and i am planning to change my look completely by the next time we visit aldi's so the workers do not recognize me as the woman who let her kids run out into the parking lot alone while she chased them down with the cart. sigh, some things just dont change.

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