Tuesday, March 2, 2010

With Independence Comes


maxer has been achieving great things in the potty. he has been so self-sufficient that i have let him be alone in the bathroom, yet at the ready for the wiping assistance when needed. well, that was a mistake. this morning he had climbed the linen cabinet shelves to find some nail polish, open it, and paint the counter. (how does he even know what nail polish is? i so rarely wear it though i love the finished look of newly painted nails. my sis in law always has them so cute and i appreciate that very much. i digress.) all this happened in the time it would take to pee.
thankfully, max willingly cleaned up the polish and it readily came off using remover. a special thanks goes to bear for being such an assistant to a mess which he, for once, had nothing to do with making.

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