Wednesday, March 17, 2010


i seriously adore abbreevs (abbreviations). i have a lot to say and using smaller words or phrases to get the job done allows me more time for more storytelling and opinion giving, two things i am very good at :) by good at, i mean i do very often and quite enjoy. so aside from the ush (pronounced youj, meaning usual), i frequently have attempted to abbreviate the word ridiculous. it does not work very smoothly. after several awkward usages of "ridick", i abandoned my efforts.

brad despises my habitual abbreviating. he considers it lazy and cannot stand it. however, to annoy me as i have annoyed him, he utilizes the term "redonkey" as an abbreviation for "ridonkulous". eew. each time he does this i cry a little inside. his plan is working to reform me of abbreviating. last night brad employed "redonkey" several times and so i was inspired to blog about all the ridiculousness happening in my life. here is a list of things either brad or i commented as ridiculous over the last little bit. get ready

~the amount of times my boys have watched the movie bolt since we rented it on sat evening.

~we lost the remote to our directv. who does that?

~the fact that brad wants to name this new precious baby stan. that's right, stan.

~the forecast for snow on sunday. broken hearted over this.

~the level of destruction two such adorable and small ish boys can make. (so sorry about your tv val :))

~i need as much, or maybe more, sleep than my 18 month old. hey, growing a kid takes A LOT of energy, and sleeping is one of my talents

~how dangerous it is to walk in our carpet. remnants of starburst, poptart, cereal crumbs, or other foodstuffs are sure to find their ways into your socks or bare feet. gross.

~the number of flies already in our house after just two days of milder weather. thankfully, both brad and max are on a mission to locate and kill all of these pesky bugs.

oh this world is full of craziness. our life especially. and we love every bit of it!


  1. the snow thing is completely redick...i agree! you and your fam are presh.
    how'd i do?!?


  2. Lynds you are too much! You make me giggle :) Stan??? I'm mean, come on? Really? No offense to anyone out there who likes the name, but it makes me think of walkers (not the baby kind) and jello. Thanks for another look into your wonderful home! I have something little for you- call me when you get a chance.
    Love ya!