Monday, March 15, 2010

Sprining Ahead

well the clocks are an hour ahead, and we celebrated the momentous occasion with beans for breakfast. my sister beans, not the food beans. her spring break had come to an end, and we were honored she chose to breakfast with us on her final day before back to school. during our feast of eggs and bacon, we solved a lot of the world's problems. well, not really solved, but we did address several issues. we enjoyed and encouraged one another enough to get along until the next visit. beans is such a beautiful and intelligent woman full of interesting perspective and good times. i adore her, and her visits.

my other sister, kelsey, has the same uplifting affect on me. whenever we chat, i am both amazed and impressed at her wisdom and insight. she is 16 years old and i am eager to see what god has in store for this lady because i know it is big.

then there is my bro, alex. the st. louis police officer cleaning up the streets and changing the world one gansta at a time. he is clever, witty, and incredibley profound. his visits home are so fun and thought provoking.

the beautiful relationship i share with my sibs gives me such hope and anticipation for my kids. my sons are already bff, complete with inseparable playing and inconsolable fights.
the little babe still cooking is sure to be blessed by having a max and wes for big brothers. i certainly am blessed to be their mama!

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