Friday, February 26, 2010

hey baby hey

hallelujah for another happy and healthy visit to the dr today! brad took us all and treated the boys to donuts while i got to pee in a cup, get weighed, listen to the precious little beat of baby's heart, and get an h1n1 vaccine.

i am currently 15 weeks along and am slowly starting to feel a little better! praise the lord. no pukes for almost 2 weeks. what a reason to celebrate! still dry heaving and still losing some weight, so i am working hard to get lots of food down and keep it there. my baby daddy is determined to help the weight gain project. i am weary of feeling ill and feeling like i am just trying to survive. i know the day is coming when i can give my older children the attention they need and give the growing baby the energy/food he/she needs.
though i have been down this road of miracles twice before, i am overwhelmed at how awesome this experience of becoming a mommy is. seeing the evidence of a growing baby causes me to bow in humility to our father and proclaim his power and majesty "you are the first and you are the last, and apart from you there is no other god" Isaiah 44:6.
jesus, empower me to be a gracious mother. grant me patience and peace as i teach my children to grow in you. lead my actions and guide my words so that in me my kids see you. thank you for this beautiful gift of motherhood.

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