Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Look Who's Talking

sweet baby bear is learning, and utilizing, more words each and every day.

he has certainly mastered mom, and calls me to his crib every morning and naptime. he addresses me in such a commanding tone whether it is to show me something or just get my attention, it is a serious matter for the baby bear.

"all done" and "down" are other directions he says and expects immediate results.
wes says "num nums" for food, "minaMIN" for vitamin, a lispy little "es" for yes and a very clear "no".
wes has "uh-oh" and "oh-no" and "ouch" covered as he is quite accident prone. when i ask where his owie is located, he always points to his left hand and needs a kiss.
"pop", "dada", "beebee" (baby), "buh bye", "mas" for max, "eyes", are examples of his expanding vocab.
weston also uses his own little chitter chatter that he seems shocked that we cannot understand what he is asking for or telling us. bear will also repeat most everything you ask of him in an adorable little accent. the other day i was watching 18 kids and counting, thinking how in the world do they do that without cartoons, and one of the kids said eyes after which weston repeated "eyes" right away. a good reminder how impressionable this little man is already! having kids certainly inspires me to be the best godly example i can provide for their lives. i fall way short, but am also really wanting to demonstrate grace and mercy, so it kinda works out allright. :)
bear and i always get a little bonding time in the afternoon as maxer continues his nap a little longer than weston does. it is beautiful to get this alone time with my youngest (for now) and really admire the miracles god is doing already in his development. what a cute marvel he is, thank you jesus for blessing me with a walking, talking, bouncing baby boy. ( who just dumped my bowl of cantaloupe into the laundry basket full of clean clothes...) oh boys! makes me wonder about this baby #3, a house full of 3 boys? oh boy oh boy oh boy! we will have to wait and see

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  1. hey, it was fun to check out your blog as well!! can't believe how big your boys are getting! what fun :) i recently stopped shopping at Aldis because i believe that store has some sort of curse or spell put on it...which seems to have affected your family as well. hope you start feeling better! you look great - i loved the dr. office picture!