Sunday, May 27, 2012

some days

we wake up exhausted from all the playing. and by we, i mean the adorable three.

some days, i have big plans for the fam.

inolving outings, and acitivities, and travel (like to the northside of holland)

and some days, the babes just want to stay at home and play.

because some days, teaching your sis to dance is way more important than fishing.
the technique can really be quite comlicated.

and some days, carefully watching bayside concrete pour some cement is way more enthralling than a trip to the beach.
especially when you as good of spectators as my children.

we bring our own chairs, and pets.
we take observing seriously around here.

and some days,
you just want to slip
and slide
in your own backyard. 

love that grandiose happenings are not the only way to enjoy the day.
that sometimes the best that life has to offer is right there in front of us.

just waiting for some day when we acknowledge the beauty and joy.

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