Thursday, May 24, 2012

summer vacation

somehow, my sweet little hesitant boy embarking on his educational journey last fall

became this boy, graduate of preschool.  confident in his abilities.  comfortable around teachers and new students alike.  counter, writer of letters and numbers, artist extrodinaire (by my own severely lacking abilities) and now kindergartener.

it has been such a joy to watch you grow and mature in your social and educational undertakings this year max!!

i got to be at school with him for his last day, and i was so blessed by the opportunity!  maxer in his school context is different than maxer at home.  with his fam, max is leader of the pack of kids, the oldest and most experienced and knowledgable. at school he is content to quietly play and learn, very obedient, very hardworking and proud of his accomplishments.

we walked to get ice cream as a class.  it was a beautiful morning and i adored being at my son's side.

and now, we are marinating in vacation.  no agendas other than what we plan, no waking up babies from naps to get maxer from school and no interruption in our fam time other than the occasional day/night of work for mom and the every day work schedule for brad.  love it.  yesterday was the first day we would have had school.  so far i have been asked approximately 798 times who was coming over today or whose house we were going to.  the child likes his friends.

thankfully, i am able to distract max and his sibs with other activities rather than stalk his classmates.  this morning we enjoyed our breakfast on the porch, soaking in this beautiful summertime air while consuming poptarts to our hearts content.  and then we had a second breakfast of english muffins and cake batter.  i like to keep things very well rounded here.  obviously.

as our days fill up with the want to's and the have to's, i am loving being home with all three.  summer is sweet, and i plan to soak it up with all the trips to the beach and the library i can.  my sister in law debbie has the same determination this summer as my oldest nephew is off to college in the fall.  what a startling reminder that these days are fleeting.  and the importance is not necessarily in the amount of effort spent learning to tell time, but in spending our time together.  for each morning devotions, afternoon popsicles, and evening playing outside is a precious gift that i intend to savor.

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  1. SUMMERTIME!! So glad the weather is warm because the adorables are so much fun outside. :) Congrats to Max on his first yr of school!