Thursday, May 3, 2012


remember when laura ingalls wilder and her fam would have barn raisings?  the whole like community would gather together and whip up a huge barn while ma and pa and their 32 kids cooked and ate well and probs played games and sewed.  well, that is not really happening here at all.

but, we are taking the old garage behind the house down and plan to build another.  and by plan to build another i mean to say that other people, builders in fact, will be building another in its place. 

this is a big deal over here.

we are currently in the tearing down, burning, and getting rid of some random stuff stage. 

but the building part is really monumental.  this is the first addition/replacement to the farm brad has made since his own farming career began.  he is continuing the legacy in his own way and that is to be celebrated. 

lest you think it is all work and no play at the meiste's:

we took time to go to the park after school while brad brought some scrap steel away.  cupcake demands to be pushed from the back.  just ask auntie beans who dared give her a frontal push only to be gestured at and told back repeatedly.

while playing at the park, a strange boy found my boys' intriguing and ran up to them saying "hola amigos!  that means hi friends in spanish!" to which my boys only stared.  when the other boy gave up communicating in either language, bear whispers to maxer " did you see that boy?" we then had a lovely discussion about being kind to others.

in other news, ayla jo is obsessed with shoes.  she wakes up looking for them and attempting to put them on.  this morning she literally spent 20 minutes screaming in her own baby blue high pitched way because her flip flops did not stay on well.  then i hid them while distracting her with some pink jellies i found. 

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  1. Well Lynds, I must say I am impressed with the fact that you have posted 3 blogs in May already. Great work :) The barn is coming apart nicely! And yes, Ayla is a good communicator and lets me know how to properly swing.