Monday, June 4, 2012


bear is a brave brave boy.

and cuter than the dickens
he fearlessly captures kittens, and courageously traps birds.

unfortunate for the wildlife around here

after church on saturday evening, auntie beans and uncle austin joined us for pizza and root beer floats and cookies.  while the adults continued feasting, the adorables headed outside to play.
mere moments after their release, maxer came running in with the news,
maxer does not dare hold the captive, but does dare to break out into some birdlike celebratory dance moves.

bear caught a bird.
yes, yes he did.

ayla jo may have been more entertained at catching her own cuteness

i have a hate hate relationship with birds.  they are always and forever pooping on me.  just last week while i was pushing ayla jo on a swing in fact, another missle of poo landed on my hand.  eew.  so i was not really excited about the prospect of nurturing this baby bird back to health after whatever injuries bear inflicted in his kidnapping.

so i screamed with what can be interpreted as delight but was really fear/grossness.
and the kids chased the birdie down again and again.
they were very entertained.

until i made them come in for bed and put the birdie somewhere safe.  which bear translated into put the bird under a bowl and then put a pitchfork over it to weigh it down.  in the morning, the bird had flown the coop.

but do not despair.
baby blue and i have the same taste in animals.  the stuffed ones are the best.

memorial day, bear caught a frog.
a big kid playpen, or kiddie pool, or frog habitat

named swimmy.

baby blue only points and says, "bog.  big one!"


the boys are really big fans.

seems to me that the pigs have the best chance of survival of all the animals on our farm.  and we eat the pigs.  so that does not bode well for the rest of the zoo.

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