Tuesday, May 1, 2012


spring brings with it some outdoor beautification, namely the need to put down fresh bark.

baby blue is quite alarmed at the dirty involved in making things pretty

this opportunity comes every year, and though i am not real great at outdoors or hard work, i resolve to do better this time and enthusiastically grab a shovel.

the kids and i find motivation in food

spreading bark reveals a lot about me and brad and our marriage. how different we are, how well we compliment one another.
cupcake is really not enjoying this process

while i am chatting to him about how adorable ayla jo looked bundled this morning when we went to meet the schoonvelds at lawrence street park, how bear , how maxer got stuck on top of the dog house outside. on the inside i am thinking, wow, i just broke a nail, i am getting hot and sweaty, what time can i sneak inside to start making dinner. i start trying to get compliments and affirmation from brad. how does this look? is this thickness allright babe?

much like his daddy.  maxer is very dedicated and hardworking

brad responds only in grunts. he is whistling bark in the wheelbarrow faster than i can finish explaining how spring makes me feel. he stomps to the area requiring bark flings it down and is back to the pile while i trudge after him, and awkwardly weild the wheelbarrow when requested.

he is focused while i am chasing down kids and snapping pics. there is dissonance.

when we get inside, i am a little chapped at how brad did not embrace my conversation attemtps or encourage my hard work. brad is finally at ease at having completed the project. it took a bit to land at the same place together. i appreciate brad's practical thinking, get the job done then relate to one another, though it drastically differs from my experiential thinking- getting all involved, discussing the project and some hopes and dreams.

 we recently took time to recall that we got engaged on good friday 7 years ago. it seems as if we have always been united, and it seems that we have known one another only a short time.

teamwork, auntie beans' pup and bear

we compliment one another in beautiful ways. it is such a delight to see parts of us in our kids.


what a blessing it is to have my best friend as my mate, my husband, my baby daddy, and my landscaper :)

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