Friday, May 4, 2012

drama mama

this morning i almost ate my cinnamin roll off a plate previously given to harv to lick clean.  then i about gagged and passed out with grossness.  but the title refers to my daughter, not me.  here is why,

yesterday while we were playing/working, ayla jo got an injury.

she did not even notice said knee scrape until she and i were whipping together dinner instead of getting pizza and captain sunday as i had so wisely suggested.

notice aylaroo's sneak peeking between her fingers to make sure i was watching her struggle through her owee

as i was stirring the chicken and rice concoction, i noted the owee and said, "on no baby blue, did you get a little boo boo?"

that was one of the biggest mistakes of my life.  because right then and there cupcake demonstrated the closest example of a baby panic attack i have ever seen.  she was beside herself.  screaming in terror and pain, pointing to the injury with tears streaming down her face.  we bandaged the knee, cleaned the wound, and still she was wild with sorrow and pain.

i was able to distract the darling invalid quite easily by asking her to blow out a candle or stir the fruit salad.  but soon after she would flip out all over again.  during dinner she could not see the band aid from her high chair vantage point so that went quite well, but upon release from her seat it was the same story.

playing outside again seemed to be exciting enough that aylaroo was able to find happiness once more.

she also found lots of mud.

this little fox is not really all that into being dirty.  she shows me her hands and says "all dirda".  also, she lifts her shirt up while splashing in mud puddles so as not to soil it.
bear is really enjoying the big bro role some days.  he likes to be able to show baby girl new things or help her with things he can do that she cannot.  so sweet to witness. 

and another thing that is not really dramatic, but practically beyond presh; max told me he was going cricket on the swing earlier.  that means crooked.  that child is adorable.  just signed him up for golf lessons this morning.  o will that be a sight of cute to behold!!

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