Tuesday, May 1, 2012

april showers bring

a new blog post!  at long last, here it is.  after several not so subtle hints from grandmas and aunties alike, i give to you a may day blog.

fyi, the reason this one was so long in the making is that i recently committed to only going online when the adorables were sleeping.  well, that was a very noble thought.  to spend each and every moment the cuties are awake being present in their lives is a consdierabley wise move.  but i never went online unless for emergency recipe situations becuase the babes do not nap except for ayla jo and at the end of the day i am just plain spent.  so i am therefore online while my children are awake, and not even feeling guilty.  moderation.  all about moderation.

what i was going to write before i got all defensive about my lack of blogging was that april showers bring


the darlings did their part to add water to the previously muddy driveway.

they were making a river.


using water from the pump remaining after the demolition of some pig coops years ago all three of my kids worked together to muddy the driveway and themselves.  i am quite certain this was exactly what brad had in mind when he kept this water source.

the work was difficult.  ayla jo had an especially trying moment whilst attempting to empty her bucket.  it had all splashed out on her way to the site.  but she kept after it.  tipping and tipping that green bucket until she assumed that was all that happened and ran back to join her bro's at the spigot.

they were so successful, that our neighbor showed me proof on her van from a quick ride through the mud. an entire day later.

bear is smiling at his worthwhile efforts.  truly.  this is not his angry face.  it happens whenever you ask for a smile.  it looks painful, but really he is happy.  and it makes me laugh.  wes proclaimed he loved mud, brad said that is because you are a boy son. 

baby blue has the smiles down!  she is seriously beyond presh.  and talking like there is no tomorrow.  cupcake loves "ousiiide".

please do not ask the eldest to stop working.  the child is so like bradley, focused and hard working.

i am still doing the laundry from this exciting day of mud. 

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