Monday, May 21, 2012

a time to plant

whenever we leave the house these days, there are tractors literally in every field sorrounding our home.  some are planting, some cultivating, some applying anhydrous, regardless of their task, they all captivate my adorables as i hear shouts of "there's another one, a big daddy one" echoing behind me in the veen. 

each season of fieldwork begins very optimistically for me.  i can do this.  i will joyfully serve my husband and children by myself.  it will be fun.  by the end of night one, ayla jo is crying because she is desperately overtired but will not give in to sleep, bear is crying because he just dumped over his entire glass of milk in his big boy lightening mcqueen cup all over the couch and i yelled, and maxer is crying because he just wants daddy. 

thankfully, His mercies are new every morning so once everyone finally falls into an exhausted slumber things start looking up again.  for real though, left to our own devices, some cra cra things happen.

case in point:

our rainbow bubblefest.

using dishsoap and food coloring the kids were entertained for 3.2 seconds. 

okay, it was more like a half an hour. 

we also planted flowers.

the kids needed direction as they were fading fast into crabbiness.

bear was especially good at managing.  he is proudly grasping his blue birdie that we recently purchased at a garage sale.  he had been asking for a parrot for the last 4 days.  like randomly, like "mom after our snack can we please get a parrot pet?"  to which i would say no and there would be lots and lots of tears.  so we are pretending the bird is a parrot. 

maxer continued his hard working ways by wielding the trowel like it was his job.  also, extremely adorable, while watching ayla jo pretend to be a puppy, max was giggling hard and told me seeing baby blue do that made him feel cozy inside.  presh.
so, until sunday, this is how we enjoy daddy. 

either riding in the tractor, or waving to it.

thank you farmers!
cupcake is currently obsessed with her dora pjs.  she points and says dowa every 2 minutes and looks beautiful before bed.

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