Sunday, May 6, 2012

the water park

we had rains this week.  crazy rains.

the wet weather resulted in a wet park.

so wet, our park became a water park.  the fun started innocently enough, the boys tip toeing in the water, trying to swing without splashing.  then i offered to retrieve some bathing suits and i came back to this:

naked boys.

we soon remedied that issue. 

and then the boys dove on in.  maxer instantly became one of the swamp people we occasionally watch on tv. 

bear could hardly believe the state of affairs happening at his park.

fear not, we took good soaking baths after playing in this.

my boys are totes wild things. when it comes to waterparking.

it is a beautiful reminder when your kids demonstrate the considerable blessing involved in turning the disappoint of not being able to build a sandcastle into the joy of splashing in your sandbox. to often i will see the unexpected puddle and mourn the loss of the sand instead of donning my suit and swimming.  and self pity and focus on the negative can really absorb all your attention so you miss out on the positive and goodness that may be waiting for you. 

i am committed to finding the fun and the joy where it might be missed.  i am determined not to let even a single blessing slip through my grasp because i was to focused on the wrong things.  i am holding to tightly things that keep me from receiving better blessing the lord is just waiting to give me.  and i am sorry, but praise his name his mercies are new every morning.  and this morning, i am opening my clenched fists and rejoicing that they are overflowing with his goodness.

thank you jesus, for your blessings, in your time, and in your way.  for you lord are perfect in your love.

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