Monday, April 2, 2012

happy april

we have spent the last week reminiscing about our cadillacian vacation, beginning conversations with "last week at this time"...

to the best that i can ascertain, i do believe we have successfully embedded those memories and emotions and bonding into our current existence, moving forward in our days closer and more content with our bountiful blessings.

so here we are, at the beginning of april, welcoming in spring and preparing for easter. we have started using the resurrection eggs process in our family devotions. every night the kids open an egg that containing an item that corresponds with a bible verse to tell the story of easter. i think giving the boys something to tangible to touch and hold is really helping them to own the easter story. teaching the glory of jesus' resurrection to my kids is an incredible experience for me because the gift of grace never lessens in its astounding nature. what love!

during this evenings devotions, we talked and read about judas' betrayal. therefore the boys found pennies in their eggs. after really trying to discuss judas and jesus and how unimportant money really is, the boys had their own conversation about what they were going to spend their money on. bear gave brad one of his three pennies to buy a racecar, and another one to maxer to buy a remote control helicopter. so giving. he quietly savored the praise we gave him.

while working at teermans on saturday, one of my coworkers offered to purchase all ayla jo's baby clothes for her granddaughter. what a perfect solution to my over stuffed storage room upstairs! i have been gathering and sorting baby blue's clothes ever since and this amazing opportunity to trade to small clothes for money to purchase clothes that actually fit is giving me a tension headache. they are all so cute. and so tiny. and so full of memories of my infant daughter who is now a darling toddler!

i am beyond grateful for a growing and developing and healthy ayalroo.

perhaps it is the knowledge she is my baby, my last time to cuddle and snuggle and carry before all my fabulous kids are grown. maybe baby girl attire is just so cute this sort of reluctance is to be expected when passing it down. giving the boys things to baby easton klein is a welcome and joyful experience. and i will not get the pleasure of seeing my little love's clothes on another babe i know and love, so maybe that is causing my procrastination and stress.

regardless, i am packing them up and shipping them out. i am slathering on the peppermint essential oil, a new technique i am trying to assist my bod in beating tension headaches. i am savoring the time right here and now with my munchkins.

i gathered all the peanuts up and hit the road for the second time today as my first attempt was cut short after a rather demanding aldi trip during which the boys begged and pleaded for orange pop. i bought some only because the boys were both obnoxiously persistent in convincing me it was cheezy pop, not orange. so i clearly had to prove them wrong. and i did.

a short visit to the odc in 60 degree sun and the tension left.

we returned home to find brad mowing. while i continued on the clothes project, daddy and the rest completed this contraption.


and presh. until the mower ran out of gas.

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