Friday, July 2, 2010

because we are boys

one of our fave things about farm life is the ability to frequently utilize the mule. warm weather just increases the opportunity to cruise around the farm and surrounding areas in search of good corn, to check on water levels, and my personal fave, to visit with neighbors. the boys adore riding around and request such adventures often. last night we headed out after supper to witness the first corn plant to tassel in our fields. way exciting and way early, the first of july! as we were bumping along the grass waterways, we also spotted two deer! maxer was completely impressed and bear even spotted them as they ran away.

we wrapped up our expedition by doing a little mud running in the yard, getting ever closer to being forever stuck in a large pit of nasty mud. both, i mean all three, boys were yelling with delight and remarking on the coolness watching hunks of mud fling up and over and on the mule and its occupants. all the while, bear possessed this tendency to pick brad's arm hair while brad was driving the mule, so funny. though i was enjoying being all together as a fam, the jostling and dirt and bumping were not really working for me after a while. i had one arm encircling my belly for added support and the other gripping the mule for dear life.
after about the 15th pass i said to brad, "why are we doing this?"
he responded, "because we are boys. and it's awesome!"
i dismounted the mule and opted for a lawn chair from which to watch my boys play in the mud. brad was right. it was awesome. :)

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  1. I was hoping to see some muddy pictures! I am sure I would have opted for the lawn chair as well. Have you guys set up that swingset yet?