Wednesday, July 7, 2010


i love birthdays. especially my own. i know i should be mature enough or humble enough to at least act like i dont so enjoy celebrating me, but i really adore my birthday. so yesterday was such a beautiful day of turning 27. so far, i love being 27. though it is frightening close to 30, i feel good about this current age and state of life.

my man and boys ensured that my birthday was super special. brad brought me mcdonalds in bed for breakfast. what a combo, it literally does not get better in my world. i so consider mcdonalds my fave restaurant and i consider bed my fave place to be :)

the boys and i got to play all day together, outside and inside. they were darling and fun and i remained focused on them and not so much the house. swim lessons went well, and i certainly find the other mama's there simply fabulous, their company is just so welcome.

brad whisked the boys and i to logans for dinner during which the boys threw peanut shells with gusto and even ate a few bites of their nuggets and fries. i indulged in cherry coke, catfish, and a sweet potato. delish. we then ventured to kohls where i purchased a baby girl and baby boy outfit for the impending arrival of this rib-expanding little precious, as well as a slip n slide for the boys. after that, we headed to tractor supply to purchase some wood pellets for the winter, and finished the evening at coldstone creamery.

thank you to my sweet family for making my day so special. the good news is the best parts of my birthday continue every day, i get to spend most of my time with the peeps i love the most in the world.

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