Monday, July 5, 2010

the gifts of motherhood

i love my kids. seriously, unconditionally, fully. i dole out numerous hugs, kisses, and words of encouragement/adoration to my two presh boys. they know they are loved.

good news, they love me back! lots. i do get plenty of hugs and kisses, but i also get some very beautiful gifts from time to time.

with the summer weather and plethora of flowers available, the boys remember their mama and often pick some pretty bouquets for me. dandelions, daisies, even flowers purposely planted in flowerpots are all fair game to these thoughtful sons of mine. they both get this look of pride and accomplishment as they walk over to me with hands full. max always bellows, "mom, i got a surprise for you!" as he runs toward me hands hidden behind his back. when i tell him what a nice boy he is and how very much i love him he answers "yes". weston's method is to find a flower, pick it, and then repeat the word flower, flower, flower, until he reaches me with outstretched hands. thank you bear!

my most recent treasure prompted this post. maxer comes downstairs this morning and presents me with... a drawer knob. the part that you pull to open up a drawer. this came off of one of the drawers in the playroom where it was operating properly. so he must have spotted the knob, dismantled it, and somehow thought of me in the process. after his presentation i sweetly asked him what he thought it was. he did not speak, but continued smiling the smile of satisfaction. i must have just set it down on the nearest surface and went on with my day, for not to long later, maxer comes to me again holding the knob and saying "here mom, this is for you".

currently i am displaying the knob on my counter and cherishing this gift. so random, yet heartfelt and appreciated nonetheless.

one of my very fave parts of motherhood are the many blessings i receive from my boys, not the least of which is a knob.

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